Autonomous IoT Security Solution that Prevents Network & Device Attacks

Using Internet of Things (IoT) devices across enterprises, healthcare, and industrial applications delivers productivity benefits, but it also exposes you to evolving cyber threats.
From IP cameras, and smart elevators, to medical devices and industrial controllers, Quantum IoT Protect secures your company against IoT network and on-device cyber attacks.


Quantum IoT Protect

Quantum IoT Protect


Automatically identifies and maps IoT devices and assesses the risk, Prevents unauthorized access to and from IoT/OT devices with zero-trust profiling and segmentation, Blocks zero-day IoT attacks with industry leading threat intelligence, 300+ IPS signatures and on-device run-time protection.

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Autonomous Zero Trust Protection

Autonomously analyze, map and protect devices with zero trust profiles

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Prevent Network IoT Attacks

Block zero-day attacks with virtual patching and real-time IoT threat intelligence

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On-Device Run-Time Protection

Harden device firmware to prevent zero-day run time attacks

Check Point Named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls


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Modern Challenges for IoT Security

Once compromised, cyber criminals can move freely to access more critical applications and sensitive data. They can hold this information for ransom, potentially shutting down the business network in the process. A comprehensive IoT security solution is needed to protect your business from these risks and is a vital component of every company’s cybersecurity strategy. Learn how you can protect your business in this informative e-book.


Check Point Named a Leader in the Forrester Wave Enterprise Firewalls Q4 2022


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Making IoT Simple, Effective and Valuable for Any Organization

With 63% of enterprises, 92% of industrial and 82% of health care organizations using IoT, there are large numbers of unmanaged IoT devices connected to the network. Each of these IoT devices is an entry point for hackers, making almost every company vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Learn how IoT Protect Autonomous Network and On-Device Protection can:

  • Autonomously analyze IoT risk and protect IoT device with zero trust profiles
  • Block zero-day attacks with virtual patching and real- time IoT threat intelligence
  • Harden IoT device firmware to prevent zero-day run time attacks

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IoT Security Guide 2022: Challenges & Solutions
Uncover the IoT security solution you deserve.


IoT Discovery & Risk Analysis

Automatically map, profile and assess device risk levels

Real-time risk analysis based on IoT networks discovery, firmware risk assessment and threat intelligence.

From a single console, view all your IoT devices classified based on their risk level. You can even drill down for a risk analysis per device.

Zero-Trust Profiles

Automatically minimize attack surface

  • Prevent unauthorized access and malicious intent from reaching IoT devices
  • Prohibit infected devices from moving laterally and accessing malicious sites
  • Auto-generated policies: Minimize your risk exposure and save months of manual policy configurations
  • See and control over 1,500 IoT/OT
    protocols & commands

IoT Threat Prevention

Block Known and Zero-Day IoT Related Attacks

Automated activation of IoT security protections both for network-based and device-level attacks

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IoT-specific Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of the latest IoT threats with threat intelligence shared between 100 million endpoints, gateways and IoT devices worldwide.

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Virtual Patching

Protect vulnerable devices from known exploits, without the need to physically patch them. Over 300 prevention signatures against network-based IoT attacks.

IoT Protect on-device security camera

On-device Runtime

Mitigate device level attacks before devices are compromised with the IoT Nano-Agents.

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IoT Device Security for Manufacturers

Get a powerful last line of defense for connected devices with on-device firmware-security

Embedded device manufacturers seek to offer customers devices that are secured against cyber threats arising from 3rd party supply-chain components, outdated firmware, newly discovered firmware CVEs and state-sponsored backdoors.
To gain and instill confidence in customers, manufacturers need firmware-specific risk visibility and on-device runtime protection that blocks firmware attacks as they happen in real time.


Tailored for Any IoT Environment

Protect thousands of IoT devices across smart office, smart building, healthcare and industrial environments.

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Enterprise IoT

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Healthcare IoT

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Industrial IoT

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IoT Manufacturers

Tight Integration with Leading IoT Discovery Platforms

By integrating with a wide range of third party IoT discovery platforms, our solution supports 100,000+ device profiles across different IoT environments. Strategic and Technology partners are integrated with IoT Protect. Strategic Partners are available for purchase in the Check Point product catalog.

Strategic Partners

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Innovative Partnerships with Industry-Leading Device Vendors

From IP cameras and smart elevators, to routers, medical devices and industrial controllers, Check Point provides on-device runtime protection against zero-day cyber attacks – serving as the most powerful line of defense for device manufacturers, enabling them to produce “Secure by Design” devices.

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