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Powerful visualization of network assets and topology to assess security posture

Setup in under 5 minutes with no software to install or agents to deploy

Cloud-native, agentless security technology that protects all cloud assets

Automation framework for compliance and security hardening

CloudGuard is the first IaaS security provider to deliver API-enabled integration with all three leading public clouds for enterprises worldwide — Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). GCP customers can now seamlessly manage security and automate continuous compliance across public and multi-cloud infrastructure environments using the powerful visualization and control fabric of CloudGuard. Experience the power of CloudGuard and improve your Google Cloud security today.


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  • CloudGuard Clarity allows security and operations teams to visualize and assess the network security posture of their GCP environments by analyzing network firewalls and tags, and attached network-based assets such as Google Compute Engine virtual machines, load balancers and database services.
  • Detect and audit changes to security policies across Google Cloud projects and regions, correlate Google Cloud security events, and continuously monitor their state of compliance.
  • Rapid identification of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that could lead to downtime or costly breaches, allowing for proactive resolution.
  • CloudGuard Compliance Engine automation framework manages compliance and security hardening.
  • Ability to specify and enforce custom governance policies that are tailored to your business needs.

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